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Slugged in Salem

August 27, 2013

Sunday evening roller derby took over Roanoke and the Salem Civic Center. BWR battled against the Star City Rollers, eventually conceding defeat with a final score of 99 to 215.

Special thanks to Iron Mountain Rollergirls from Cumberland, MD for coming to help us out – so glad to make new derby friends with Squee J #12, Love Pushin #9, Tailbone Crusher #919, Jinger C. Unrest #24, and Fourcible Ntree #911. We’d also like to thank NRV’s Brusin Burgs for their help, from our derby sisters Dame Dirty Ape #17, Banned Aid #777, Chairman Mouse#3 and Lindy Liu Who #25. Blackwater’s own skaters sported the star the whole bout (except for one sneaky panty pass from Beccanator to Love Pushin). Hittress suffered a bloody lip and returned to the track with a vengeance. Thrill Kill Daffodil finished the 2nd period with an awesome status of lead jammer several times in a row. Mighty Mouse brought back her speed and power with awesome blocking and swooping hits, and Pizazz took home the MVP for Jammer with her signature “bean dip” dodges to make it through the pack. Hellga did an excellent job running the bench with a little help from Lil Miss Ditz, who you’ve seen on our home track as an NSO.

Special shout out to Rolling Rock for officiating his first bout!

Up next for the Rollers: Get Downtown September 13th in downtown Lynchburg. We’ll be recruiting and spreading the word about local roller derby. We won’t be hard to miss; we’ll be the girls in fishnets on eight wheels!

Battling in ‘Noke

August 20, 2013

This Saturday, the 24th, The Rollers will be featured in a double header against the Star City Rollers. Roller derby will be taking over the Salem Civic Coliseum for the NRV All Stars to take on the Chemical Valley Rollergirls followed by Star City Rollers taking on The Blackwater Rollers. BWR will be helped by some of their very fierce derby friends from Iron Mountain Rollergirls and NRV. We are also super stoked to have the infamous Mighty Mouse playing with us, and Hell-ga & Krash Klown running the bench. BWR’s own Rolling Rock will be helping keep the skaters in line as a referee, as well as Iron Man.


Fans should arrive at 5:30 to catch all of the derby action. Tickets are just $15 and kids under 8 get in free. Did i mention a portion of proceeds will be donated to a local charity? It’s all around good fun for everyone!



Derby Blues

August 20, 2013

Blackwater took on Blue Stone Rollerderby last weekend in a co-ed rematch of a game eaerlier this season when there was snow still on the ground. Unfortunately, the result was the same. Blue stone came out on top with a score of 260 to 140. Blackwater made some strides in improving their game and their co-ed roller derby competitiveness. Hittress earned lead jammer three out of four times while Thrill Kill also battled her way to grabbing a lead jammer position. Blackwater put some power behind their power jams when Rolling Rock, Pizazz, and Crash Dummy helped close the scoring gap in the second half. The hits were hard, the jammers were fast, and fun was had by all. At the end of the night it was decided that Pizzaz would bring home the Roller’s MVP as well as Frida Kill Ho from Blue Stone.

From VA to PA: A Banked Track Adventure

August 20, 2013

Roller derby will make you do crazy things…..such as, getting up at 5 am and driving 6 hours to a place you’ve never been, to skate for a few hours, and then drive back! That’s exactly what Iron Man and Beccanator did on June 30 Banked Track Mixer hosted in Philadelphia by Penn Jersey Roller Derby. Not only was this a rare opportunity for an all-male derby game, it was even more exciting to skate on a banked track – the Penn Jersey Hooligans actually built this one, and there are only about a dozen in the USA. Iron Man represented the state of VA well, skating against members of the New York Shock Exchange, Harm City Homicide, NY Vice Squad, Chesapeake Roller Derby, and Penn Jersey of course. Some of our favorite new friends are Nurse Ratchet (who reffed the BWR-ECD game a couple years ago), General Tso Fine, Abs of Flab, Jurasskick Park, Beater Griffin, and Deep In Cider. Special thanks to our old friend Crash Kalwa for inviting us to this awesome event!

This was an extremely exciting game to watch, with hardly more than a 5 point difference at any time! It was also played by MADE (Modern Athletic Derby Endeavor) rules, based on the classic OSDA (Old School Derby Association) style. This means that pivots can act as jammers, without actually passing the helmet cover, if the opposing jammer breaks through the pack. Furthermore, positions are not held in the penalty box, so there is always jammer competition no matter what – no “stroller roller” (stopped track power jams) here! The lead jammer is the one who happens to be in front at the time. The jams are 90 seconds instead of 2 minutes, and the pack speed is incredible. The greatest issue for this game, despite the unfamiliar track and rule set, was actually the level of sweat! The game was stopped at least every jam, and some in between, to mop the moisture off the track (thanks to towel girl MissFortune Cookie).

It was particularly amusing to notice that the vast majority of refs and spectators were ladies. Beccanator made some new friends from the Freedom Belles (of Waldorf, MD), and ran into another former East Coast Devastation Derby skater, Annabelle Lethal (now with the Belles). Postgame, we enjoyed warehouse brews after an opportunity to try out the track (for those of us who didn’t get to play.) Iron Man (who is an actual union ironworker by trade) went home considering where to build a banked track of his own….now THAT would put Blackwater on the map! Donations gladly accepted. J Til next time….skate on!




Round 2, Black vs Blue

August 2, 2013

Sunday, August 11th the Blackwater Roller’s co-ed derby team will avenge themselves against the Bluestone Roller co-ed derby team from Harrisonburg. This is an away bout, so Bluestone will take home rink advantage, but the Rollers have something to prove after losing to Bluestone back in March. There’s going to be beer, fishnets, and plenty of your favorite roller derby characters; seriously, why are you not going? Tickets are only 5 dollars! The bout will take place at Funky’s Skate Center in Harrisonburg.


Harrisonburg too far? Blackwater will be in ‘Noke on August 24th in some head-to-head derby action. Check back later for the details!

As always, Blackwater is looking to recruit new women and show them the ropes of roller derby. Don’t forget that we moved practice spaces to the Central Virginia Training Center just a short drive away in Maddison Heights.  Got any questions? Check out the FAQ page or shoot us a message on our Facebook page!



July 10, 2013

That’s right folks, Blackwater has moved! Starting next Tuesday the 16th, the Rollers will be practicing at the Central Virginia Training Center just a hop, a skip, and a jump over the bridge to Madison Heights! We’ll be closer to all our Lynchburg fans and derby hopefuls hailing from the ‘Burg.

Practice will be 8:30- 10:30 Tuesdays and Thursdays. We’ll still be out there practicing hard every day and we love to see new faces! First practice is still free and we’ll help you get armored up and read for battle. Don’t worry if you haven’t skated in years or if you skate every day. We work with all skills levels to get you acquainted with derby rules and regulations.

Derby on, everyone!

GRV Bout Canceled

June 24, 2013

We regret to inform you that we are cancelling this event due to a low number of female members at this time.  This has been a rough year for many of our players, some with new injuries and others with recurring problems with old injuries – don’t ever let anyone tell you roller derby isn’t real!  Others of us have moved out of the area, are gone for the summer, or have had family circumstances change.  We are taking this time to re-group and address any changes that may help us meet and train new skaters for our derby family!  Please stay tuned as things develop to keep the Blackwater Rollers rolling….we will post updates as they occur!  (We hope you did enjoy the poster though….special thanks to Robin Grover for use of her AWESOME Harley Davidson Crossbones, our photographer du jour Hell-ga, designer AuROARa, and of course our model, Ms. Luci Van Damsel.)

Meanwhile, in more positive news, we had a GREAT time scrimmaging with Star City Rollergirls, New River Valley Rollergirls and Rocktown Rollers at Lee Hi Skate Center in Roanoke June 23rd!  There was a super group of skaters and refs involved, and it was our last opportunity to skate with our good friend Slingin’ Gritz from NRV for a while.  We wish her and her family the best in her new home and team with the Carolina Rollergirls in Raleigh, NC.

Blackwater Rollers are continuing to develop as a co-ed team and have scheduled a rematch against Blue Stone Roller Derby, at Funky’s Skate Center in Harrisonburg, VA, on Sunday August 11th!   You all may remember this last bout on April 6th as one of the most action-packed events of the season….we certainly enjoyed ourselves, and look forward to playing this awesome team at their first home bout ever!

Blackwater Rollers WILL be playing in a double header vs. Star City Roller Girls on August 24th, at the Salem Civic Center, with help from some special guests from surrounding teams!  Stick around for a smashing good time at the main event, New River Valley Rollergirls vs. Chemical Valley Rollergirls from Charleston, WV.   There will be “Thunder in the Valley”!!!

We will continue our practice schedule of 7 – 9 pm on Tuesdays and Thursdays at AJ Skateworld in Appomattox until further notice.  Women and men 18 & older welcome – we have skates and gear for you to use until you get your own.  $5 per practice….first one is free.  Come get in shape, meet new friends and have fun.  This is a great time to take advantage of the individualized attention we can provide to teach you everything you need to know….no experience necessary.  Hope to see you on the track!


June 15, 2013

Sorry to disappoint, everyone, but tomorrow’s bout with Star City has been cancelled. The bout location sadly lost power in yesterday’s storms. This just means that we’ll be at the rink training extra hard for when we take them on August 24th at the Salem Civic Center. Have a great Father’s Day weekend. We’ll be ready for you on the 24th, Star City.

What’s Up Next for the Rollers

May 28, 2013

The Blackwater Rollers have a busy summer ahead of us. Coming up June 15th, the Rollers will be taking on the Star City Rollers at the Icimani Adventure Center in Roanoke. This is Star City’s last home bout of the season and we couldn’t be more excited to strut our stuff. We’ve been in the rink working hard and breaking a sweat. The proceeds go to support tornado relief in Oklahoma, so come make the short drive to see some great derby and support a great cause.

Can’t make the drive to Roanoke? Click the link to give a donation. Anything helps! Star City Rollers will also be donating a dollar for every like they get on their Facebook. So come on, exercise those pointer fingers and click the “like” button. While you’re at it, don’t forget to hop over to the Blackwater Facebook page and click the “like” button to support your favorite Lynchburg derby team.

As if that wasn’t enough, the Rollers will also have a bout on June 23rd against the NRV Bruisin’ Burgs. After a tough loss to NRV earlier this year, we’re hungry for revenge. We’ll be traveling to their home rink in Christiansburg to avenge ourselves and win the Battle of the Burgs.

Heading into July,  Blackwater will be hosting the Greenbrier Roller Vixens straight out of the “Wild and Wonderful” West Virginia on the 20th. This one will be a sight to see, folks. This is the only home bout of the Summer, so take a seat in the air conditioning at  AJ’s Skateworld, grab an ice cold drink, and watch someone else work up a sweat for once. Be sure to watch for additional details closer to the time of the bout.

Oh yeah, and remember that rematch we mentioned before? Well Blackwater will most likely be taking on the Blue Stone Rollers in a co-ed rematch on August 11th. Be sure you don’t miss the Blackwater men in their second bout of the season. Watch out Blue Stone, we’re comin’ for you!

If co-ed derby action just isn’t enough for you, we’ll be taking part in a double header in Roanoke on August 24th. Star City will be hosting both Blackwater and NRV in a double-header doozy. Star City will open against Blackwater followed by NRV. It’s going to be an all out battle for the Central Virginia derby crown, and we couldn’t be more excited to try and steal it.

Don’t forget that Blackwater is still recruiting. We’ll be at Aj’s Skateworld in Appomattox every Tuesday and Thursday 6:15 – 8:30. No equipment or skills necessary and the first practice is free. We hope to see you there!

Blackwater Wants You

May 8, 2013

Fear swimsuit season no more!
Blackwater is recruiting new skaters, men and women, all summer long. It’s a great way to have fun, stay in shape, and meet some wonderful,strong women in the process, if I do say so myself. The first practice is free! So you have nothing to lose. The Rollers meet every Tuesday and Thursday from 6:15- 8:30 at AJ’s Skateworld, just a short drive away in Appomattox. Don’t have equipment? Not a problem. The Rollers have all the gear you’ll need to be derby ready for your first practice. Everyone of all skills levels is welcome.

Ten Reasons to Derby:
1. Get a bangin’ beach body
2. Develop your own alter ego
3. Meet men and women from all walks of life
4. You know you want more excuses to wear fishnets
5. Blow off steam from work or school
6. Hitting people is LEGAL. How awesome is that?
7. Getting involved in the Lynchburg and Appomattox community
8. Let’s be honest, you look good with a bruise or two.
9. Escape your regular, boring evening routine for two nights a week
10. Help support Lynchburg area non-profits

Don’t forget the first practice is free. Five dollars a practice after that, but no more than $30 a month. That’s two practices a month for free, folks. We look forward to seeing you there. For more information check out our Facebook page or Twitter.  If you want to try getting on your skates again before you try derby, make sure to check out adult skate at AJ’s every third Wednesday night of the month.

Derby on!

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