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First Dates with Fly (House of Pain edition)

April 29, 2011

Well ladies and gents here we are again, another bout under our belts and two more MVP’s.  Blackwater took on the Charlottesville Derby Dames in a fast paced hard hitting bout.  I hope the bout was as fun to watch as it was to play.  Things are a little different this time because Blackwater’s Eartha Hitt was awarded the status of most valuable for a second time.  Eartha if your overall awesomeness threepeats next time, you’ll just have to interview me.  So we have one first date and one second date.    Up first we have the lovely Bruta Liza.  Derby fanatics you know her and love her and when you think of Bruta two words should come to mind…..”hot pants”.  I almost have more juicy tidbits than I can share.  The MVP’s teammates sure love to dish out the good stuff.


Fly: When did you first start derby?
BL: November 2007
Fly: When you first decided to join this sport, who was your biggest supporter?
 BL:  Jessika Daver. She’s the one who got me to join in the first place. And every time I said I couldn’t do it, she was popping out of a grave, out of the middle of nowhere, to tell me I could. Other A+ supporters are Sparkills, Nilla WastHer and MatilDa molish.
EH:  My mom is sometimes my only, but always my biggest supporter in everything I do.

Fly: Do you have a hidden talent?
(I had to ask around for this so thank your derby wife Bruta)  Acupuncture and a practitioner of feng shui. 
Thank you to Wikipedia for teaching me how to spell Feng Shui!

Fly:  Favorite embarrassing song
 BL: Britney Spears: 3, I’m only sort of very embarrassed. (And her womanizer song can easily be turned into “bruta liza”…thanks MDRV)
EH:  “This is Why I’m Hot” by MIMS

Fly:  Favorite derby moment
BL:  Ivy Ketamean nursing her baby, Tucker Punch, in the locker room at half time at the H.A.R.D bout! Awesome.
EH:  We were up a ton of points, I was still unstable on my skates, still confused about the rules of derby, still a mediocre blocker at best, so when our coach handed me the jammer panty and told me to go kick some ass, I got dizzy. I felt a pressure to do well for my team like no other as I lined up on that jam line for the first time.
Somehow, instead of passing out, I barreled through the pack, obtained lead jammer and lapped the opposing jammer to score a Grand Slam, completely clueless as to what was happening!!! I landed in front of our bench on my knees confused and heard my team cheering for me, felt everyone patting my helmet and my back and realized….this is the day I became BWR’s accidental wanna-be jammer and blew my own mind 🙂

Fly:  Do you believe in ghosts?
BL:  Not really. But I do love scary movies and ghost stories.
EH:  I know they exist because I experienced one in Bethesda, MD when I was 12

Fly:  How mad are you at me that I didn’t tell you there was cheese on my fries? How long have you been a vegan?
BL:  You scamp!! People are always trying to take away my vegan powers! I celebrated my 5 year veganniversary on V-day this year. This lifestyle saved my life and nourishes my mind/body/soul.
Before all you PETA loving Vegan’s get mad at me I was not aware of Bruta’s Vegan status when she reached for my delicious Mangia $2 french fries.  (yeah shout out to Mangia) Plus while we are at it, did you know Bruta is a Sheetz hater? I mean who could hate on the MTO? 🙂

Fly:  What do you want to be your derby legacy?
BL:  I want to be known for being an awesome player, dedicated (I bleed blue), and also for being super prepared. You want it, I got it… whether it’s a bandaid, bearing, or something crazy random like the mate to your knee high sock.
EH: What I’d hope to leave as my derby legacy is the importance of these things:
1. Drive and Perseverance–to continue skating hard even when you feel you are flailing and failing
2. Enthusiasm and Positivity–to cheer and smile even when you feel you are lying and dying
3. Passion and Courage–to attempt great things even when you feel you’ve no support and all is futile
4. Confidence and Knowledge–to know that my feet, your feet, my hip, your hip, my team, your team…OUR bodies and OUR team are strong and united even in the moments when we aren’t
5.  If you have the mindset of a champion, then you already are one.
Fly:  Favorite food
BL:  I love olives! (“Olive olives.”)
EH:  Fried Chicken

Fly:  Do you have a fear or phobia? (heights, spiders etc)
BL:  Facing my untidy bedroom and blisters.
EH:  Not anymore because it used to be roller skating
Fly:  What is the worst job you’ve ever had?
EH:  It’s a tough call since I’ve had about 30 different jobs in my short life…..but I strongly dislike vacuuming when I do housekeeping and I hated having to evict people when I was a housing manager for a rental company in Richmond.

Fly:What is your favorite thing to do with your team that has nothing to do with derby?
EH: Dance!

Fly: Can you pick a new player that embodies the future of BWR?
EH: Nope, we have so many new players who give me hope and excitement for BWR’s future, I can’t pick just one! Ortho Havoc, Hell-ga and Hellacious Hoodlum have improved their skills so significantly, continue to work hard as hell and never give up–to me, their determination embodies the future of BWR.

Blackwater will be road tripping for the summer but until next time,


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