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A tribute to Skateworld

August 2, 2011

In case you weren’t aware, Blackwater moved back to Lynchburg for the summer and have been practicing at Skateworld in New London. We were excited to start practicing at the rink but little did we know how short our stay would be. Just recently Skateworld was sold and will be turned into an auction house. Our hearts break for the loss of this legendary rink that many of our skaters would frequent as kids. I asked teammate Ortho Havoc to write about her experience growing up (and speed skating) at the rink to pay tribute to the many wheels that have graced the wooden floor.

new london 2

“It is a Friday night at 7 PM in Lynchburg back in the mid to late 80s, and you are getting ready to be dropped off by your mom at the coolest place that any and every child/teenager could ever imagine going to in our area. When you mom pulls up she would give you money for the snack bar for a giant pickle and a giant sweet tart and tell you to share the money with you sister and your friends and that she would be right back in that same spot to pick you up at closing time. You jump out the car greeting all of your school friends on your way up to the bright red door while holding a sweet pink pair of Riedell speed skates in your hands. Once you paid you admission and you went inside New London Skateworld and heard some Bon Jovi playing, you knew it was going to be a great night with good times. You would strap on your skates and hit the floor running with your friends. Two of my most vivid memories for me were always winning the limbo every single time I played, and watching Fig do his beautiful figure skating.

Little did we know that we would ever being saying goodbye to such an important staple to our community right now, especially for my generation. New London rink has held such great memories that can never be forgotten or replaced. You could speed skate, figure skate, play video games, or just skate in the sessions and hang out with all your friends. No matter what you did there, you were sure to have fun. One thing I did not realize is that I would come back in my adult life to New London to skate with my roller derby team, the Blackwater Rollers, and relive all of those good, happy memories that I will never forget. We have been practicing there all summer long and have had a blast doing so. I have had the opportunity in my life to skate in many different rinks ever since I started competitive speed skating at the age of four years old, and this rink by far is one of the most dearest to me. With that being said, it makes it even more difficult to say goodbye to such a big part of my childhood and life. But like my mother always says ‘all good things must come to an end’.”

-Ortho Havoc

new london 3

We want to thank Linda Salmon (below) for being such a great host for us this summer.  To read more about the skating mecca, check out Darrell Laurant’s article featured in The News & Advance here.
new london 1

But also derby fans, don’t worry.  If you were wondering where we will be skating in the future,  never fear.  Our summer abroad is over and we are returning to our roots at AJ Skateworld tonight!  It is less than a month until our next bout so we hope to see you all soon!


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