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Girls VS Boys

September 6, 2011



There was alot to love about our bout against the East Coast Devastation last Saturday.  It was invigorating to be back at our home rink after the summer away and surrounded by such amazing fans.  You might of noticed a few new things in this bout.  The most obviously, we put on our big girl panties and faced a co-ed team.  The men and women who make up E.C.D. are unanimously some of our favorites.  We hope you got as big of a thrill watching them skate as we did bouting them.  In the end, the score was 126-62, but without shame we are proud of our performance and are looking forward to grabbing a few guys and heading up north to see them in November.  Congrats to Naughty Nini for grabbing her who-knows-how-many-it-has-been-now MVP title for BWR and Nitro Nate and his jumping abilities (see above right) for winning it for ECD.






There were a few other new things around the rink….

We had three new skaters:  Strawberry Killer Forever who has been training with the Charlottesville Derby Dames before recently moving to Lynchburg.  And friends Parrabellum and KrackHer Bones who has been some of our hard working freshmeat, earning themselves a sport among the 14.  They made our little derby hearts proud.


We also had the pleasure of having our very own Brooklyn BasHer and Slam ChowdHer manage our bench.  If you were paying attention, the lovely Vamp Stamp was out for injury so she our all Blackwater reffing crew.

DSC_2153At halftime, we were amazed by Bubblerawp, the Hula Hoopers extraordinaries (if you ever see them out around town, ask them to show you some hooping tips!  They love to share their craft).


And the Beccanator showed off what her mama gave her gave her with a new message to E.C.D.
Thanks to our faithful fans, AJ’s, Richie Yates, all of our refs and NSOs and everyone who helped pull the bout off!  We had a great time at the after party at Mangia as well were you saw a little:







Arm Wrestling



and of course, we gotta class the joint up with some leg wrestling.

Thanks for DJ B Psi for spinning the tunes late into the night.
We are revved up and ready to go for our next two home bouts.  So be sure to come back again on September 24th when we face the Charlottesville Derby Dames.  And before that, we head to Charleston for a larger than life double header against the Chemical Valley Roller Girls (more info to come).  So until then, derby on!

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