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Black and Blue round II

September 29, 2011

Another bout down! Thank you to the lovely ladies of the Charlottesville Derby Dames for traveling to us twice this year. We took home the victory the first time and go round, they took it back from us. It was a great game and I think we are all still counting our bruises! We love their sports(wo)manship, skill, and kick line at the after party. Thanks CDD! We would also like to thank the fans, Richie Yates, Rick Myers, DJ B Psi, Lynchburg Tribal for performing during half time, Mangia for the after party, Appomattox Rescue Squad, the refs and NSOs and all those who help pull our bouts off. I say lets do it again! When you ask? How about in a couple weeks when we face the Star City Roller Girls on October 15th. It is our LAST home bout for the year so you might want to go ahead and plan on being there. More details to come! Until then, enjoy some action shots, primarily brought to you by the talented Rick Myers and we will see you again soon!




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