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Happy Holidays!

December 29, 2012

Happy Holidays from Blackwater Rollers!  We have lots of news to share!

First of all, we would like to congratulate our sister leagues, Charlottesville Derby Dames and Black Rose Rollers (Hanover, PA) on their approval as WFTDA certified teams!  This has been a long and arduous process for these teams, who have completed their apprenticeship programs and will now be registered to compete on a national level.  There is a lot more to derby than just skating in circles….feel free to check out the WFTDA (Women’s Flat Track Derby Association) website for the complete new rulesetderby FAQs, and information about teams all across the country (and world!)

We were extremely thankful for the great weather for the December 4th Lynchburg Christmas Parade!  Special thanks to our Derby Dad and Mom for finding (and pimping out) our ride…..with lights and everything!  It was so much fun to skate through downtown, hear the cheers, hug as many folks as possible and share holiday greetings.  Apologies that we ran out of flyers….here is the schedule for 2013 that we want everyone to know about!


Recruitment season is still open!  We know a lot of people have been thinking about trying derby for themselves….do feel free to come watch a practice if you’re not sure what it is that we actually do.  Did you know that only about 1/3 of our team started with any skating skills or experience?  We have skates and fresh meat gear that you can borrow.  Blackwater Rollers also welcomes men to our team, as skaters or referees.  The cost is only $5 per practice and the first one is free!  We are especially grateful to AJ Skateworld for providing a child-friendly environment that allows parents to skate while the kids play, do their homework, eat dinner (you bring)or use the internet or television.  We will also be starting Sunday practices in January to accommodate people who work evenings during the week.  What are you waiting for?!?  Check it out!!!  You’ll get hooked!  🙂   


One exciting event we are have been looking forward to for a long time is AJ Skateworld Grand Reopening!  Help celebrate the Ribbon Cutting Ceremony on January 4th at 1:00 pm, then come back to skate from 7 – 10pm that evening!  Check out their website,, for the latest information about birthday parties, open skate sessions, and even Zumba classes! 

Blackwater Rollers have reduced program advertising rates for our sponsors.  We would love to partner with your business to support local folks, or publish a special message for you.  We are also accepting sponsors forindividual skaters.  Unfortunately, insurance costs have risen by 37% this year and it is mandatory that we have this coverage.  Our skaters purchase all their own equipment and pay club dues monthly, so this added costis quite a burden.  Please consider helping your favorite skater continue to give her all on the track by becoming her sponsor!  Your business or chosen name (such as “secret derby admirer”) will receive recognition and appreciation in our program throughout the season.  Contact us at for more information and rates!

Stay tuned for information about a special event/pre-season scrimmage coming up January 26th!  Until then….hope to see you on the Percival’s Island trail, at open skate sessions….or on the track!!!

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