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Slugged in Salem

August 27, 2013

Sunday evening roller derby took over Roanoke and the Salem Civic Center. BWR battled against the Star City Rollers, eventually conceding defeat with a final score of 99 to 215.

Special thanks to Iron Mountain Rollergirls from Cumberland, MD for coming to help us out – so glad to make new derby friends with Squee J #12, Love Pushin #9, Tailbone Crusher #919, Jinger C. Unrest #24, and Fourcible Ntree #911. We’d also like to thank NRV’s Brusin Burgs for their help, from our derby sisters Dame Dirty Ape #17, Banned Aid #777, Chairman Mouse#3 and Lindy Liu Who #25. Blackwater’s own skaters sported the star the whole bout (except for one sneaky panty pass from Beccanator to Love Pushin). Hittress suffered a bloody lip and returned to the track with a vengeance. Thrill Kill Daffodil finished the 2nd period with an awesome status of lead jammer several times in a row. Mighty Mouse brought back her speed and power with awesome blocking and swooping hits, and Pizazz took home the MVP for Jammer with her signature “bean dip” dodges to make it through the pack. Hellga did an excellent job running the bench with a little help from Lil Miss Ditz, who you’ve seen on our home track as an NSO.

Special shout out to Rolling Rock for officiating his first bout!

Up next for the Rollers: Get Downtown September 13th in downtown Lynchburg. We’ll be recruiting and spreading the word about local roller derby. We won’t be hard to miss; we’ll be the girls in fishnets on eight wheels!

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