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Dynamite Dixie

Derby Name: Dynamite Dixie
Age: 38
Joined: March 2011
Position: Whatever I am told to do.
First Bout: TBD
Derby Number: 07
Past Injuries: Amazingly only bruises and sore muscles.
Quote: “for I have learned, in whatsoever state I am, therewith to be content”
Likes: My family, Cooking, Outdoors, Car Pooling and Chinese Broccoli
Dislikes: Drama
Fun Fact: I have a chicken coop and chickens and I live near downtown Lynchburg. I would also
have a goat if my husband would let me.
Theme Song:  Big Time Sue sung by Stephen
Wheels: Poisons
Skates: Ridell
Gear I can’t live without: Knee Pads as I use them a lot.

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