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Mad Rabbit

Derby Name: Mad Rabbit
Age: As young as a baby bunny
Joined: April 2010
Position: Unknown since I’m still a young bunny, but I’m hoping to be a blocker.
First Bout: Sadly I haven’t been able to play yet, hopefully September
Derby Number: 0286
Past Injuries: So far I’ve received an injury on my left shin, had someone step on my right calf, and TONS of bruises.
Quote: Roller Derby is for true women, who get hit and get right back up and who like to hit others XD
Likes: Skating, Roller Derby practice, watching roller derby, reading, cooking, watching TV and doing graphic design work.
Dislikes: Not skating, missing practice, feeling frustrated when I can’t get something when it comes to skating.
Fun Fact: When I joined roller derby I have never skated before, hates jumping even though I am the MadRabbit.
Theme Song: Bunny Hop
Wheels: I don’t have any idea what my wheels are right now, but I do want to get some Heartless wheels.
Skates: I have Riedell R3s, I’ve already banged them up so badly, so I guess I’ll be needing a new pair by the end of this year lol.
Gear I can’t live without: 187 Knee pads, Triple 8 wrist guards, Helmet and of course my mouth guard.
One Liners: I’m as hyper as a rabbit XD

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