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Derby Name: Beccanator
Age: 801.5
Joined: December 2008
Position: Blocker, Pivot
First Bout: Post Tax Smacks Interleague Scrimmage in Roanoke, April 2009
Derby Number: Obviously, that is my age.
Past Injuries: I seem to get a lot of skate-to-the-shins, mostly the right one.  Rink rash had to be the worst – both sides in one night. Yes I was wearing hose, which melted from floor friction.
Quote: “Roller Derby….because it is better to be knocked down than knocked up.”
Likes: Skating, derby, gardening, outdoor skating, cooking, skating in my house, watching roller derby live, dreaming about roller derby, and skating.
Dislikes: missing practice, not skating, when my pads slip, and having to walk because I can’t wear my skates to work or drive in them.
Fun Fact: When I joined roller derby I could hardly skate at all.  I had a diary entry from age 13 where I wrote that I wanted to be known as a roller skater.
Theme Song: Baby Got Back by Sir Mix-a-lot and Toxic Waltz by Exodus
Wheels: Heartless 86 voodoo on the inside and 88 stalkers on the outside
Skates: Used something or other, I don’t know, they’re white and I’ve worn out 6 of the plastic eyelets already
Gear I can’t live without: 187 Knee pads – they call them 187’s because your knees get murdered without them
One Liners: “Hasta La Vista, Baby”.  “She’s like butter, she’s on a roll.” and finally “Number 6 on the Wendy’s Menu…..”

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