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Hellacious Hoodlum

Derby Name: Hellacious Hoodlum
Age: Really?
Joined: September 2010
Position: Everywhere
First Bout: February 12, 2011 against NRV
Derby Number: 1086
Past Injuries: Bruises and a hellacious butt scrape
Quote: “Life’s too short to be a negative person.”  “Even the devil can cite Scripture for his purpose”–Shakespeare
Likes: CHIPOTLE, unconditional love, my Schnauzer (must be said in a German accent)
Dislikes: Seafood, hypocrites, drama
Fun Fact: I LOVE The Beatles!  I am a super awesome grill master.
Theme Song: Cooler Than Me–Mike Posner, Rock Your Soul–Elisa, any Beatles song
Wheels: Sure-Grip Sugar (indoor) and Radar Zen (outdoor)
Skates: Rock GT50
Gear I can’t live without: All of it!
One Liners: “I need to live in a bubble”

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