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Indy Rock

Derby Name: Indy Rock
Age: *crickets*
Joined: fall ’08
Position: jammer, speed racer, glare giver
First Bout: daylight slayings 11/09
Derby Number: f/8,  it’s a photo thing, either you get it or you don’t
Past Injuries: i’m always shocked i haven’t broken anything yet. so far just a fractured tail bone, obscure bruises and unexplainable pains.
Likes: cherishing moments, neil young and people who are open with their struggles
Dislikes: apathy, dead animals and jerks
Fun Fact: i have won two trophies for drag racing back in indy. in other words, i like speed.
Theme Song: “don’t stop ’til you get enough” by the king of pop (r.i.p. mj)
Wheels: atom g-rods
Skates: my custom bont skates. the more i wear them, the better they get.
Gear I can’t live without: i would say a good pair of knee pads, but lets be honest, it is my post bout hat to cover up helmet hair.
One Liners: “for when i am weak, then i am strong.” 2cor 12:10

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