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Jailhouse RockHer

Derby Name:  Jailhouse RockHer
Age: 21
Joined: Nov. 2011
Position:  Jammer/Blocker/Whatever they need!
First Bout:  Not yet!
Derby Number: 0531
Past Injuries: None so far!
Quote: “If you let your head get too big, it’ll break your neck” – Elvis Presley
Likes: derby, duh! pink, going fast, summertime, cold beer, hot wings, new shoes, seeing new places, learning new things, my family, sarcasm, Elvis
Dislikes:  rude people, slow drivers, awkward silences, being cold
Fun Fact: i’m a redheaded step-child & proud of it!
Theme Song:  Total eclipse of the heart – The Dan Band
Wheels: Heartless chasers
Skates: Antik Mg2
Gear I can’t live without:  all of it!! especially my water bottle!!
One Liners: if you aint first, you’re last!
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