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Kitten Vicious

Derby Name: Kitten Vicious
Age: 26
Joined: March, 2009
Position: Jammer; Any blocking position
First Bout: Shake and Bake
Derby Number: M30W- Means Meow!
Past Injuries: Impressive Floor burns, Blisters on the toes
Quote: “Just Saying”; “No one likes blunt/honest people, but I’m “Kitten Vicious”;
Likes: Cats; Singing loudly in the car when I’m alone; Roller Derby Attitudes; Sweet Tea; How people underestimate my hitting skill because of my size!
Dislikes: Snakes, Cold Weather, Dirty Players(If you can’t win without playing dirty, maybe you should consider wrestling!)
Fun Fact: I wear a size 9 in shoes, but since I’m so small I look like I have clown feet, so I make myself wear a size 8
Theme Song: Back in Black- AC/DC
Wheels: Radar Devil Rays
Skates: Riedell Wicked
Gear I can’t live without: Fishnets, Knee High Socks, Chap stick
One Liners: “Though Every Cat wishes, None can compare to Ms. Kitten Vicious”

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