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Krash Klown

Derby Name: Krash Klown
Age: 30
Joined: April 2009
Position: B2, B3, Pivot and Human Wrecking Ball
First Bout: Spanksgiving Bout, Nov 21st 2009
Derby Number: 88888 ~ I picked this number because 8 is my lucky number and saying five at once is hard for the Refs to do, it’s a tongue twister
Past Injuries: Bruises, Knots, Bumps, Black Eye, Twisted Knee and more Bruises
Quote: Have you hugged a Clown today!!   There’s no crying in Derby!!!
Likes: God, Clowning, Gardening, Music, Freaking people out and Knocking People Down with Full Body Throws!!
Dislikes: Snakes, Spiders, people who can’t hack it and whine about everything, sissys.
Fun Fact: I really am a Clown and I can actually sing pretty good even though I get stage fright really easy.
Theme Song: Firestarter ~ The Crystal Method
Wheels: Radar Tuners in Hot Pink & Heartless Breakers & Stalkers
Skates: Riedell Vandals
Gear I can’t live without: My Clown Face and Helmet Stickers
One Liners: The Jokes on You!!  1-2-3 Gunshow!!!

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