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Mistyc Mayhem

Derby Name: Mistyc Mayhem
Age: Guess….not even close!
Joined: June 2010
Position: Blocker
First Bout: Fright Night Fights against Star City Roller Girls 10/10
Derby Number: 5.56
Past Injuries: Bruises, Soar back
Likes: Target photograpy, target shooting
Dislikes: People who won’t think for themselves, people who stop at a yield sign
Fun Fact: I’m a people person but I don’t like people.
Theme Song: “Boom, Boom Pow” by the Black Eyes Peas
Wheels: Heartless
Skates: GT 500
Gear I can’t live without: Ankle braces
One Liners: “Moofash” “Ow, my knee!” and “You don’t wanna know”

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