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Riff R. Reaver

Derby Name: Riff R. Reaver
Age: 40
Joined: November, 2008
Position: Referee
First Bout: Spanksgiving Bout
Derby Number: 03-K64 – the designation for a Firefly class bulk transport space ship
Past Injuries: Broken ankle, bruised ego
Quote: “Get your @$$ in the box now!”
Likes: Loose trucks and fast women
Dislikes: Loud coaches
Fun Fact: Riff was blackballed by Sesame Street on Ice after what has come to be known as the “Beak and Ernie incident”.  And he falls down a lot.
Theme Song: Everybody Dance Now by C&C Music Factory
Wheels: Orange
Skates: Reidell 265
Gear I can’t live without: Riff’s helmet has saved what’s left of his brain on more than one occasion (he falls down a lot).
One Liners: “From the heart of Virginia, to the hearts of roller girls every where…”

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