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Strawberry Kills Forever

Derby Name: Strawberry Kills Forever
Age: 24
Joined: July 2011
Position: pivot, blocker
First Bout: August 2011 versus East Coast Devastation
Derby Number: 105
Past Injuries: lots of bruises, scratches, sore muscles, but nothing too serious (knock on wood!)
Quote: “You, you may say /I’m a dreamer, but I’m not the only one/ I hope some day you’ll join us /And the world will live as one” -John Lennon
Likes: skating! baking, banjo
Dislikes: cilantro, rainy days, boredom
Fun Fact: my cousin and I started a family band. we’re terrible.
Theme Song: ummm… i think that’s kind of obvious… “Strawberry Fields Forever”
Wheels: Poisons!! I love them!
Skates: riedell r3
Gear I can’t live without: my butt pad!
One Liners: “let her take you down, because she’s going to…”

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