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Turbosaurus Ref

NAME: Turbosaurus Ref
AGE: 65 Million Years
JOINED: April 2011
POSITION: Ref / Freshmeat Trainer / Team Scapegoat
FIRST BOUT: October Feast, Oct 15, 2011
PAST INJURIES: One dislocated shoulder and several bruised tailbones. Don’t worry, I made them all look awesome
QUOTE: “When I was a boy, I laid in my twin-sized bed and wondered where my brother was.” -Mitch Hedberg
LIKES: Red meat, tiny forearms, Jell-O
DISLIKES: Cavemen, catastrophic meteor showers, Barney
FUN FACT: To be honest, I always rooted for the villains in cartoons. They just seemed to have more fun.
THEME SONG: Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers Theme… don’t hate
WHEELS: Atom Super-G when I feel like playing it safe, Atom G-Rod 2.0 when I feel like risking a trip to the hospital.
SKATES: At this point? Frankenskates
GEAR I CAN’T LIVE WITHOUT: Those 187 knee pads deserve a Nobel Prize
ONE LINERS: There’s no “I” in “WIN!”

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