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Vamp Stamp

Name: Vamp Stamp
Age: How old can a vampire be?
Joined: July 2010
First Bout: September 25, 2010-Black and Blue Bash
Derby Number: V00V. Their vampire teeth.
Past Injuies: Bruses and the banged up shoulder that Mighty Mouse gave me the 2nd day of practice. Love ya Mighty.
Likes: Of course VAMPIRE’S, Garlic (huh?), and Gossip Girl. (Don’t ask.)
Dislikes: The Sun. Don’t get me wrong I like the sun but hate that it burnes me. No joke. Plus people that can’t make up their minds. Gosh.
Fun Fact: I love too much PINK!!!
Wheels: If they feel right they are right but they have to be PINK!
Skates: Boxer. They had PINK on them, so I got them.
Gear I cant live without: The helmet. It seems to me I get hit in the head A LOT.
Theme song: Daylight Dies-Killswich Engage. Oh I love, Like a g6, song.
One Liners: Are you serious?!! and He, He, He. (Its not an evil laugh just very girly.)

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