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Derby Name: yomamaCita
Age: 30, and still getting carded 😉
Joined: Sept 2010
Position: Fresh Meat, aspiring Blocker
First Bout: TBA
Derby #: 37!
Past Injuries: torn ligamnet (but not from derby),too many bruises to count
Quote: “Dreams are necessary to life” -Anais Nin
Likes: bubbles, mice, ferocity, honesty
Dislikes: butterflies, big leaves, and girls who are all talk and can’t put their money where their mouth is
Fun fact: I like to make straws out of Twizzlers and drink Dt. Coke through them.
Theme song: “Falling” by Florence and the Machine
Wheels: present- 96 A’s that came with the skates. Future: pink Fugitive 92’s
Skates: Rock GT 50
Gear I can’t live without: bandanas and pony tail holders
One liners: “mama said knock you out” , “Can I get a whoop whoop?”

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