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Skating with the Stars

April 11, 2013

Last Saturday Blackwater took on the veterans of Blue Stone Roller Derby in a co-ed head-to-head battle. Blackwater started the first jam with an early lead, but several Blue Stone  power jams would ultimately propel Blue Stone ahead of Blackwater leading to a final score of 212 to 119.

By the end of the bout the teams we bruised, beat, tired, and ready for more! Both teams had a fantastic time in their first co-ed bout of the season and were asking for more by the end. MVP awards were given to Appomattox’s own Mighty Mouse and Art Vandelay for their stellar performances jamming and blocking. The night was also special for another reason; the rollers celebrated the birthdays of Dangerazz and Luci van Damsel during half time and again after the bout at El Cazador.  Blackwater wants to give a big thank you to the El Cazador staff for being great hosts for the after party!

A portion of all proceeds went to help Lynchburg Grows, an urban sustainable farm in Lynchburg. Thank you fans for helping us continue to support  Lynchburg area non-profits as well as supporting local roller derby. Blackwater continues to open recruitment to all who are interested. Practice is Tuesdays and Thursdays 6:30 to 8:30 at AJ’s Skateworld in Appomattox. The first practice and free and  the gear is provided so what do you have to lose? If you have any questions contact us on our Facebook page or email!
Keep calm and derby on!


Rough Housing with the Boys

March 27, 2013

Hello, derby fans! The Rollers have another bout right around the corner, but this time, we’re letting the boys play. April 6th at 7:00, the men of the Blackwater Rollers will make their season premier against Blue Stone Roller Derby. Don’t worry, you’re favorite female skaters will still be there getting rough with the boys. A portion of all proceeds will go to Benefit Lynchburg Grows. Tickets are $6 in advance and $8 at the door. They’re on sale now at Aj’s Skateworld in Appomattox, drop by or contact a skater to get yours. We hope to see all of you there for our co-ed team season debut!


March Attacks Wrap Up

March 26, 2013

Blackwater Rollers had a fabulous time bouting the lovely NRV Bruisin’ Burgs for March Attacks this past weekend!  We were so pleased to see so many familiar faces, new fans, and even some of our retired Blackwater friends in the audience like Prudence, Zombi, Naughty Nini, Meryl Shreik, and Parabellum!  Special thanks to Star City Rollergirls’ Sophie Nominal, Ms. B. Haven, DeviousDee and All Up Anya for their help battling it out on the track.  We were particularly pleased to welcome Hell-ga back from retirement for this bout.  Although we ultimately were not able to make a comeback in the second half, anyone who was there was able to witness some phenomenal power jams by both teams, including a record 41 points by Pizazz!
march attacks
A lot of folks may have been wondering at the stopped skaters on the track – this is a newer strategy brought on by the updated WFTDA ruleset that has harsher penalties for destruction of the pack.  This is because if both teams are more than 10 feet apart, there is “no pack” and the skaters may not engage opposing skaters including the other jammer.  Therefore, if one team stands in place so their jammer can run round and round to score for a power jam, the other team can’t chase her more than 10 (or 20 feet ifthe team “bridges” with a single skater) without being called on a destruction of pack penalty.  Additionally, you may have noticed skaters hitting each other out and skating backwards – this is because if you are knocked out by a skater who stays in bounds and upright herself, you have to come in behind her.  If you don’t, a cutting track penalty is given.  Thank goodness we had NRV’s own Slingin’ Gritz announcing to help explain all these technicalities!

By the end, the score showed 347 – 206 in favor of NRV.  However, a good time was had by all, and it can be argued that Blackwater won the afterparty at El Cazador’s!

Please join us for some Co-Ed action in less than two weeks, for Skating with the Stars, April 6th!  Although the final rosters are not inyou will definitely be seeing some of Blackwater’s referees in on the game….as well as such derby legends as Groper Cleavage, Art Vandelay, Slingin’ Gritz, Highwayman, and maybe even Luv At First Fright and our hometown hero, Mighty Mouse!   A portion of the proceeds will benefit Lynchburg Grows, so be sure to get your pre-sale tickets early from AJ Skateworld to reserve your seat and help a great cause!  We’ll see you on the track!

March Attacks

March 12, 2013

The snow is melting, the sun is shining, and derby season is getting into full swing. We’ll be having our second home bout of the season Saturday March 23rd. We’ll be taking on the Bruisin’ Burgs, hailing from Blacksburg/Christianburg. Tickets are $6 in advance at Aj’s Skateworld and $8 at the door. Tickets are already on pre-sale, so get into AJ’s or contact your favorite derby girl! Don’t forget that part of the proceeds goes to a good cause; Blackwater will be donating a portion of the proceeds to the Lynchburg Daily Bread. We’re looking forward to seeing all of your beautiful faces. Derby on!
march attacks
Always wanted to try derby? Interested in learning to ref or volunteer? Make sure to contact us on our facebook or at

Love Hurts and So Does Roller Derby

February 20, 2013

Hello All,
This Saturday Blackwater battled both the weather and NOVA Roller Derby. After some altercations caused by the snow, both teams got right down to business. NOVA took the early lead before Blackwater came back later in the first half to take the lead. A second half surge by NOVA pushed the final score to 129- 153 in favor of NOVA. Both teams fought hard and it was a close contest all night. Thank you NOVA for being such great competition and such delightful guests in our home rink.



What’s up next for Blackwater: March Attacks! March 23rd the Blackwater Rollers will be taking on the NRV Bruisin’ Burgs. More details to come!

**Don’t forget that we’re always looking for new skaters! The first practice is free so come out and see us at AJ’s Skateworld on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sundays 6:30-8:30.

Love Hurts!

February 3, 2013

Hello derby fans,  Blackwater Rollers will be having our very first home bout of the season! We hope to see all of you there cheering us on as we take on NOVA Roller Derby. We are really excited and hope you guys are too!
Here’s the rundown
When: Saturday February 16th.
The doors open at 6:00pm. and the game starts at 7:00pm.
Where: Aj’s Skateworld in Appomattox
How much: tickets are $6.00 for presale. you can purchase them at AJ Skateworld in Appomattox Va. $8.00 At the door. Children 12 and under $3.00
A portion of the proceeds will benefit the Girl Scouts


Jersey Wars

February 3, 2013

Last weekend we laced up our skates and opened our doors to skaters from near and far. Our first home mixer of the season went beautifully. The fresh meat really showed their stuff and the veterans showed everyone how it’s done. Thanks to everyone who came out and participated and all the fans who came to watch.


Angels (white) 102, Villians (black) 55 (FM1)
Yang (white) 56, Yin (black) 61 (Co-Ed1)
Twinkies (white) 97, Ho-Hos (black) 60 (FM2)
Ice (white) 51, Ink (black) 95 (Co-Ed2)

Special shout outs to our Queen and King of the Rink, Slingin Gritz and Highwayman!

Up next for the rollers? Love Hurts February 16th at Aj’s

Congrats AJs!

January 11, 2013

Greetings folks!  We are so pleased to announce that AJ Skateworld is now re-opened for business!  The ribbon cutting ceremony was well-attended on January 4th, and our new managers have already had a ton of interested visitors and skaters!  Check out the local news story here!

Be sure to check out the Times-Virginian (local Appomattox newspaper) and the Lynchburg New& Advance for more upcoming stories!  We are so grateful for the hard work the Wilkersons and the Mayhughs, and other derby friends (shout out to Hell-ga!), have put in to making this dream a reality.  The rink is more family friendly than ever, with WiFi, Turning Pointe Cafe, new lighting, even Zumba fitness classes!  Check out for the new hours and schedule of events.

We are kicking the new year off right with a fresh meat/co-ed scrimmage on Saturday, January 26th from 10 am – 2 pm….get ready for Jersey Wars!!!  For more information check out the facebook page here or at AJ’s website.

This is an exciting opportunity for both our new and experienced skaters and referees to get experience on the track, and with the newWFTDA ruleset.  Major changes include: no more minor penalties, only majors will be called….the jammers now start at the same time as the pack….and increased violations for stop-blocks, track-cuts and destruction of the pack.  Spectators are welcome for a $5 fee – kids under 12 get in free.

Finally, Blackwater Rollers would like to thank our first sponsors of the year:  Timberlake Automotive, Axle Electronics and (Cheri’s mom‘s cleaning service who I have to get the name of).  These businesses have dedicated their support to Luci Van Damsel, Pizazz, and Cheri, and we thank them tremendously for their assistance with our rising insurance costs.  Roller derby is not for sissies!  Please contact us if you would like to become a sponsor – we have revamped our rates and options for 2013.  For more information, contact us at

Check back with us soon for our first home bout February 16th, vs. NOVA roller derby – “Love Hurts!”  See you on the track!

Happy Holidays!

December 29, 2012

Happy Holidays from Blackwater Rollers!  We have lots of news to share!

First of all, we would like to congratulate our sister leagues, Charlottesville Derby Dames and Black Rose Rollers (Hanover, PA) on their approval as WFTDA certified teams!  This has been a long and arduous process for these teams, who have completed their apprenticeship programs and will now be registered to compete on a national level.  There is a lot more to derby than just skating in circles….feel free to check out the WFTDA (Women’s Flat Track Derby Association) website for the complete new rulesetderby FAQs, and information about teams all across the country (and world!)

We were extremely thankful for the great weather for the December 4th Lynchburg Christmas Parade!  Special thanks to our Derby Dad and Mom for finding (and pimping out) our ride…..with lights and everything!  It was so much fun to skate through downtown, hear the cheers, hug as many folks as possible and share holiday greetings.  Apologies that we ran out of flyers….here is the schedule for 2013 that we want everyone to know about!


Recruitment season is still open!  We know a lot of people have been thinking about trying derby for themselves….do feel free to come watch a practice if you’re not sure what it is that we actually do.  Did you know that only about 1/3 of our team started with any skating skills or experience?  We have skates and fresh meat gear that you can borrow.  Blackwater Rollers also welcomes men to our team, as skaters or referees.  The cost is only $5 per practice and the first one is free!  We are especially grateful to AJ Skateworld for providing a child-friendly environment that allows parents to skate while the kids play, do their homework, eat dinner (you bring)or use the internet or television.  We will also be starting Sunday practices in January to accommodate people who work evenings during the week.  What are you waiting for?!?  Check it out!!!  You’ll get hooked!  🙂   


One exciting event we are have been looking forward to for a long time is AJ Skateworld Grand Reopening!  Help celebrate the Ribbon Cutting Ceremony on January 4th at 1:00 pm, then come back to skate from 7 – 10pm that evening!  Check out their website,, for the latest information about birthday parties, open skate sessions, and even Zumba classes! 

Blackwater Rollers have reduced program advertising rates for our sponsors.  We would love to partner with your business to support local folks, or publish a special message for you.  We are also accepting sponsors forindividual skaters.  Unfortunately, insurance costs have risen by 37% this year and it is mandatory that we have this coverage.  Our skaters purchase all their own equipment and pay club dues monthly, so this added costis quite a burden.  Please consider helping your favorite skater continue to give her all on the track by becoming her sponsor!  Your business or chosen name (such as “secret derby admirer”) will receive recognition and appreciation in our program throughout the season.  Contact us at for more information and rates!

Stay tuned for information about a special event/pre-season scrimmage coming up January 26th!  Until then….hope to see you on the Percival’s Island trail, at open skate sessions….or on the track!!!

Thank you Lynchburg!

November 4, 2012

Blackwater Rollers thanks everyone who came out and helped out with our last home bout of the year, “Reaping the Harvest”.  We were excited to play with our old rivals, Star City Roller Girls, and were proud of ourselves for finishing the game with a score of 177 vs. 216, especially since we skated with only 10 on the roster versus Star City’s lucky 13.  MVP awards went to Hell-ga, who is retiring (but not for long, we hope!) and to Star City’s Darth Zombie.  Congratulations to St. Elsewhere, Randi Riddle and Toxxic on playing their first bout ever!

Although Lynchburg was fun, we are super glad to be back at our home rink, ASkateworld in Appomattox.  AJ’s will be reopening to the public on January 4th, 2013.  More hours, more days a week, more skating fun for everyone!  We have a special surprise planned on Saturday, January 26th….stay tuned for more details.

Recruitment is open now until January 18th!  Blackwater Rollers is seeking men and women ages 18+.  Come join a practice 6:15 pm – 8:30 pm.  We will begin Sunday practices also, starting December 2nd.  $5 per practice – wear workout clothing and bring water.  Equipment provided, no experience needed.  Derby is for people of all shapes and sizes, from all walks of life.  Get or stay in shape, make new friends, but mostly, HAVE FUN!!!  We look forward to seeing you on the track! 

(Photos by Rick Myers)

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