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One down…

March 19, 2012

Blackwater’s season is up and running as we completed our first home bout of the season.  Thank you to the Blackrose Rollers who traveled all the way from Hanover, PA to meet us on the track.  It was a tough bout and Blackrose skated away with the victory but we enjoyed every jam of this bout.  Thanks to our fans who packed the house, Richie, Mangia, DJ B Psi, all of our sponsors, refs, NSO, Rick Myers photography, Fly Swatta for traveling, Appomattox Rescue Squad, AJ Skateworld and every person who worked hard to help pull off these bout.  Up next, we hit the road for Charlottesville for our first home match against the Dames.  Stayed tuned for more info!

Photos by Rick Myers

Black Out
BWR vs BRR 3/10/2012

Black Out
BWR vs BRR 3/10/2012

Welcome Home

March 5, 2012

It has been five long months since we have got to bout at our home rink and could not be more excited to be doing it THIS Saturday!  So come on out and watch us take on the Black Rose Rollers from Hanover, PA!  This is our first time bouting this team that features our friends Groper Cleavage and Feeler Up.  We have a special retired guest skater making a return to the rink plus a slew of new girls who have been kicking butt training in the off season.  The drill is the same as you remember…. Doors open at 6, bout starts at 7.  We will be featuring the sounds of DJ B Psi and a half time performance from HLC 3!  After party will still be kicking it at Mangia and a portion of our proceeds will benefit The Miller Home.  For more info, visit our facebook event page.  So bring your friends, family and that hitchhiker you passed on 460 and we will see you at AJ Skateworld!

Black Out

A good start to 2012!

February 28, 2012

Blackwater Rollers are ecstatic to announce we started our season off with a hard earned win against Star City Rollergirls in Roanaoke on February 12th.  As many of you recall, BWR ended last season with a win-by-the-seat-of-our-hotpants versus Star City, barely screeching ahead by only 6 points.  Although the game started out close with several lead changes, by halftime we rallied and took the win 129 to 69.  Going in to this game down several veteran players who retired after last season and missing two key veteran players, Pizazz and Mighty Mouse, a win seemed unlikely.  BWR’s bench sported only 11 skaters instead of the allowed 14, with 4 Fresh meat skaters who had never bouted before. Although the odds seemed stacked against us, BWR pulled together and played fiercely.  Everyone brought their “A” game and worked tirelessly together as a team. We are so proud of this win!

BWR congratulates our first-time bouters:  AuROARa, Meryl Shreik, JailHouse RockHer and Gutz-n-Glamour and the bout MVPs: Star City’s Femedusa and BWR’s own Naughty Nini!  We were also lucky enough to have excellent support on the bench from Mighty Mouse, Parabellum and our good friend Ortho Havoc. We’d also like to shout out a huge thanks to our referees Zombi and TurboSaurus Ref along with our teammates who NSO’d, Dynamite Dixie and Riot Back Atcha.  We saw alot of fans out there in the crowd who made the trip to cheer for us.  Thank you, it really helped keep us going!  We will see you back at AJ Skateworld on March 10th for our first home bout of the season!

-Naughty Nini & Beccanator

BWR vs SCRG 2/12

BWR vs SCRG 2/12

BWR vs SCRG 2/12

BWR vs SCRG 2/12

My Bloody Valentine

January 30, 2012

Aaaaaaaaaaaand we are back! Our first bout of the 2012 season is upon us! We ended our home season 2011 with the Star City Roller Girls and are kicking the ’12 off right with a rematch by visiting them on Sunday Febraury 12th.  We have alot of new freshmeat who will might make special apperances so you will want to be prepared!  We would love to see some fans out there because trust us, we have missed you even more than you have missed us!

For more information, visit the facebook invite page.  You can purchase tickets in advance on brown paper tickets.
My Bloddy Valentine

The “Off Season”

December 23, 2011

Christmas Parade 2011
People always ask us when is our derby “season”.  We laugh because there is not a real off season but if we had to have one, we suppose this would be it!  We are taking a couple weeks off to spend the holidays with our familes and friends who so graciously support our derby habit throughout the rest of the year.  But we have been hard at work since we saw you all for our last bout.  First, we had a recruitment period by opening up our practices specifically geared for new skaters, or “fresh meat” as we call them. (If you are still interested in joining us, email us at for more info.)   Those practices went amazing!  We had no idea there was still so much talent out there!  We have an awesome group of new skaters who have picked up the sport faster than we have ever seen.  It makes us more excited than ever for the start of our 2012 season.  Strawberry Kills Forever and Naughty Nini have taken over the roles of captains in turning these freshies into fierce derby girls and they have been doing an incredible job.  Be looking for this group of girls to shine in 2012.  We have high hopes for them and love having them apart of our derby family.

Speaking of the 2012 season, our schedule is now up!  Check it out and check back often for more details about each bout.  We have some new teams and familiar faces to round out our schedule and can’t wait to see what the new year brings us! 

We also skated through the cobblestone street of downtown Lynchburg in the annual Christmas parade.  Over 2000 fliers were passed out along with a truck load of candy.  Thanks to all the fans who were out there saying hi!  It brings joy to our hearts that every time we are out oin public, more and more people know about us.  Thanks for spreading the word and helping us grow!  Continue to help us in that quest by friending us on facebook and suggesting your friends so that same.  We are looking forward to working hard and kicking some derby butt in the ’12!  Until then, blessings to you and yours.
Derby hugs and slugs,
The Blackwater Rollers


Christmas Parade 2011

Christmas Parade 2011

Christmas Parade 2011

Christmas Parade 2011

Christmas Parade 2011

Christmas Parade 2011

Christmas Parade 2011

Christmas Parade 2011

Bout Recap from the Beccanator

November 22, 2011

BWR VS ECD 11/2011

We first made friends with ECD, East Coast Devastation, when Highwayman was in town for work and got in touch with Fly Swatta to join a practice. Our teams connected for scrimmages and bench coaching/bout help a few more times before we finally scheduled reciprocal bouts. ECD came to us for our first ever Co-Ed home game on August 27th and took on an entirely new ruleset, our traditional WFTDA.

In preparation for our bout at their place, November 12th, we worked extra hard at learning their OSDA ruleset – which although 33 pages shorter than ours, was somehow more confusing! When the day came for us to leave however, ECD actually stood for “Everything that Could go wrong, Did.” DangerAzz was suffering from a major toothache that landed him and Pizazz in the emergency room. Krash Klown was still recovering from a 3rd degree burn on her hand. Hell-ga and Nini had been sick for days, a borrowed RDD skater (KlusterFlux) had a death in the family, and to top it all off, Vamp Stamp’s car got hit in the parking lot! Despite all these obstacles, we came, we saw (a scrimmage with NoVa and DC teams prior to ours), we skated. For a further bad omen, just before the half time, the score was 66 – 6 (their favor). But, with extra help from Groper Cleavage and special guests Feeler Up (from BlackRose Rollers), last minute addition Maiden China from Chesapeake Roller Derby, and NoVa’s Debbie Does Dulles, we held our own in the second half, scoring the majority of our points and minimizing the opposition’s (hey, we kept them under 100!) Final score was 96 – 26, and Hell-ga was nominated as our MVP.

Blackwater is very appreciative of our bench staff (Ron the General and Parrabellum), NSO Meryl Shriek, and guest skaters Fro Down from Star City and Stevel Knievel from Richmond Derby Demons, for their help with this challenging bout! Most of us were able to attend the afterparty at Buffalo Wing Factory in Sterling, and we finally made it home….just in time for FreshMeat Recruitment Night November 15th! The fun never stops!

We know what the score said, but who won these mini competitions?

Furthest travelling player : ECD’s Evil Petting Zoo (from Raleigh, NC) vs. BWR’s Fly Swatta (from Atlanta, GA) Winner = Fly!

Most Statuesque Ref: (no contenders here, everyone else was moving!) Zombi, from BWR! (We did not know that OSDA refs are positioned as stationary in the outside corners! Also, they don’t wear ANY protective gear…..scary!)

Long lost reunion: BWR’s Ron the General with his daughter Rebecca vs. BWR’s Beccanator with derby name twin Bacon Ate Her from Hawaii Winner = Ron the General!

Afterparty winners: ECD’s Children playing the Toy Claw pick up (3 toys!) vs. BWR’s Jr. Bacon w/Cheese tag teaming with a young ECD fan, in a Galaga glitch that required no quarters. Winner = Galaga players! (We left at level 88 and the other kid was still going….)

It was a great end to our season!  Thank you ECD!


Headed North

November 11, 2011

Blackwater is loading up our gear and heading north to take of our friends, East Coast Devastation Saturday in Sterling, Va.  We are teaming up with some derby dudes from all over and competing in a OSDA bout.  We can’t think of a better way to end our season than with this team.  There should be some amazing derbying hitting the rink, so if you are in the area be sure to swing by!  For more info, check out thefacebook event page.

Blackwater VS ECD

Looking For Some Good Fresh Meat

November 2, 2011

recruitment copy
Blackwater Rollers, is having an open recruitment period! We are looking for any ladies (and guys too!) who aren’t afraid to put on a pair of skates and learn about roller derby. There is no experience necessary, and you don’t have to commit to join the team until you decide if it’s what you really love. We are currently in need of skaters (ladies), refs (guys), and any volunteers who can lend their time and skills to putting on our bouts. If you’re interested, stop by AJ’s skateworld in Appomattox from 7-9 on November 15th, 17th, 29th, and/or December 1st. We’ll provide the skates and pads if you don’t have your own. First practice is free, $5 each one after. Feel free to contact if you have any questions and let us know you are coming by RSVPing to our facebook event page!

A Bout for the Record Books

November 1, 2011

Hello derby friends!  For anyone that was with us at our October Feast bout, we don’t have to remind you how the it was derby at it’s finest!  We took an early lead but the hard working ladies of the Star City Roller Girls didn’t give up.  They narrowed the gap in the second half and it looked like it could be anyone’s game but we weren’t about to let them take a much needed victory from us.  We gave it our all and went home with a win and the score of  129-123.    Thank you fans for being on your feet and cheering us on during those final few jams.  We needed your support and you showed up in big ways!  We are nothing without our derby family!

Besides being victorious, our October bout was also special as we said goodbye to two of our favorite skaters and they head into derby retirement. 
DSC_0642 Krash Klown has been a Blackwater Roller practically since the Hill City Derby Dollz were established back in 2009. She has served as treasurer, co-captain, and our heaviest hitter, sending skaters all over the state air-borne, back where they came from. Her dedication to the team is unable to be topped.  We thank you Krash for helping lead BWR to where we are today. 


Fly Swatta has been with Blackwater for almost two seasons and one of the quickest learners and best booty blockers to date! She has not only served as VP, President but has led the team as pivot every bout this season.  She will be remembered for her quick wit and fire out on the rink.  We wish her and her family well as they move to Atlanta.DSC_0808
We are going to miss these girls as they take on their next adventures in life. But no matter where their skates may roll, they will always be a Blackwater Roller to us.


The Grand Finale

October 3, 2011

Well, this is it! Our final bout of the year and it is only appropriate we play against our sister team from the west, the Star City Roller Girls. October 15th is the day and you know the drill for the rest. For more information, visit our facebook event page and we will seee you at AJ’s one last time! Help us bring home a victory!

october feast poster 3

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