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Storm Rider

NAME: Storm Rider
AGE: 24
JOINED: May 2011
POSITION: I’ll just go where I’m put!
FIRST BOUT: Not yet!
PAST INJURIES: Old soccer knee problems and martial arts sciatic nerve probs resurrected by skating! Fun-ness
QUOTE: “If at first you do succeed, try not to look shocked.”
LIKES: Lightning, other spontaneous personalities, skating fast, wind, Spongebob, fire…
DISLIKES: being copied. when the room is too quiet when I sleep. and when drivers forget turn signals…oh and barn owls.
FUN FACT: I spent my time jumping trash cans on rollerblades when I was 13…never thought I’d get along with quad skates lol
THEME SONG: Chain – Skankfunk (this is a skating anime reference and a connection to my derby name…few will get the reference but I do! ^_^)
WHEELS: Atom Poison Slim
SKATES: Riedell R3 with bright green laces
GEAR I CAN’T LIVE WITHOUT: Kneeee paaaads!

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